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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that kind of investigation. so that's continuing on. >> reporter: again another live look at the ceremony taking place right now in city hall. stevens death and the investigation into what happened is expected to come up in tonight's presidential debate. for now friends, family and strangers are gathered here at city hall to celebrate his life and his achievements. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. today's service began with a tribute video to ambassador stevens. the video features chris stevens introducing himself as the ambassador to libya. it mentioned his accomplishments in the middle east. chris also expresses his accomplishments in libya. there are a lot of things you can say about chris stevens one of them is he always seemed to be smiling. rita williams got to know his
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parents and today they shared stories about their son. including why his family called him ambassador years before he became a real ambassador. >> reporter: as chris stevens parents told me a few weeks ago they wanted to be sure that today this is a celebration of their son's life not how he died. >> that's chris as a brand new baby. >> reporter: his proud mother showed me treasured photographs of her oldest child. a little boy who loved life, was a master of disguise and rarely stopped smiling. >> and that was chris. you never saw him let out a -- you never saw him without a smile. >> reporter: christopher stevenson was called an ambassador as a teenager. years later he earned that title for real. the route to get there included
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the peace corp. in north africa. degrees from uc berkeley and uc hastings law school. chris' parents and his stepfather met privately with the president when chris' body was returned to american soil. they told me their son was not a fearful person, he knew the dangers of the job. >> he was cremated and i brought him back with me. >> reporter: to continue to build bridges between the united states and the mideast. >> then chris' death will have had additional meaning. >> reporter: today they said they want everyone to remember their son, a great american that died trying to make america a better place.
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now chris steven's brother and two sisters have just speaking inside the rotunda here and will be back in a few moments to let you hear what he had to say. rita williams, ktvu news. we are monitoring that memorial service and will hear from george schultz and we'll bring you his report in the next half hour. we're following news from san francisco bay. that's where crews are scrambling to save an oracle vessel that capsized in the last hour. >> no time is a good time for a boat crash. let's look outside of golden gate. sailors know this area as a potato patch. i spoke to an oracle team member who told me that all 12 crew members appear to have
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gotten off safely. no one reported hurt. the 72-footer is seriously damaged. it's only been sailing about eight days it's 131-foot wing is shattered. now the boat capsized just inside the golden gate but was swept out on winds 15 to 25 miles per hour and for almost 90 minutes crews frantically trying to save the carbon fiber racing yacht. this is one of two identical boats for team oracle. the crash could not have come at the worse time. the ebtide going out at three knots, peaked at five knots this afternoon. there won't be a flood tide coming back in the gate until after sun down. the oracle spokesperson declined to estimate the damage but as you see there it looks pretty serious. we just spoke to a spokesperson and they said the boat is not causing any danger at this moment but they do have a boat on scene. take a look at this picture, we
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just got this full screen photo from the rescue crews. oracle tell us they plan to provide us with video taken during the crash. there's a snip with that. we'll check in now with bill martin who will let us know what the conditions were like when this happened. >> reporter: john we were talking about it in the newsroom just a few moments ago. they are in a nasty spot. the tide is flying out of the gate. it went from a 6-foot tide it's going down to a minus .8. see that brown water around the boat, that's sediment being pulled out of the bay as the outgoing tide very strong right now. they're also in a situation where there's some pretty good sized swells. we have a little bit of south swell and knot swell. some of those swells are a good
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10-foot. the beaches are showing up a little bigger than that but it's a large swell. you have winds coming at 29 miles per hour. you have an outgoing current flying out the gate. those two meet right in the potato patch right where they are. right in this area. and you've got some very choppy water. right where the boat is we watched it flow half hour had moved another mile. it's really going outside the gate. it's getting dark soon. that's something they worried about. winds are gusting to 30 miles per hour. a very spectacular scene going on outside the bridge. they're basically in the potato patch if you're a sailor or fishermen you know that's the worse places to be in a boat this time of day and with a swell like this and this kind of wind. but when you have a capsized boat it's a whole other thing. we're all over this story. westerly be watching it for you. we also have crews headed to half-moon bay where the coast guard has located a plane involved in a fatal crash.
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rescue crews have been searching for that wreckage since last night. they found the wreckage this afternoon. the san mateo sheriff says the pilot was killed in the crash. the search began when haden's wife failed to check in monday night on his way to florida. again crews have found the plane at this point we're still working to bring you more details from the scene. oakland mayor jean quan responded today to a negative report on police reforms. the department has fallen behind in the implementation of a monitoring system. it's a result of a 12-year-old civil rights lawsuit involving four officer s who were known as the rioters. mayor quan said i am confident that by the end of the year we will be in compliance with the majority of the outstanding tasks. the morgan hill mother accused of leaving her mother
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in a safeway parking lot after the pair shoplifted groceries was in court today. she is suspected of having her 10-year-old daughter shoplift groceries and beer from a morgan hill safeway last month. police say when her daughter was stopped outside the store, erico took off. she was later arrested in arizona. the 10-year-old girl is now in the custody of her grandmother. santa rosa police say a man shot in the abdomen was apparently involved in a drug deal. this happened just before 9:00 at an apartment complex on piner road. police responded to reports of yelling and gunshots they found a 33-year-old man in a parking lot with nonlife threatening injuries. officers say a pound of marijuana was on the ground near by. witnesses told police that two men left the scene in a late model vehicle that was driven by a woman. san francisco police say two men were hospitalized
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following a large fight. when officers arrived on the scene they found a 44-year-old face down on the street. another man was taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive. no arrests have been made. the search continues tonight for a 44-year-old man who has been missing since this last saturday. he was not reported missing to the contra costa sheriff's office until last night. he has dementia and has wandered away in the past but his family says they usually find him shortly thereafter. he also walks with a limp. after a dominating win by the giants last night in game two of the nlcs the team is in st. louis tonight preparing to do it all over again. ktvu's sal castaneda was there for today's big send off where one play from last night's game still has fans a little bit upset. >> reporter: today ktvu was there as the giant's charter plane left san francisco
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international airport headed for st. louis. aboard that plane was giant's second baseman marco scutero who was involved in the play that everybody is still talking about today. here's the play bochy said was an illegal play that left scutero with an injured hip. >> i really think they got away with an ill lead slide there. that rule was changed a while back and he really didn't hit dirt until he was past the bag. marco was behind the bag and got smoked. >> reporter: despite going down. scutero stayed in for four more innings and got a key play in the eighth. scutero will be available for tomorrow. today the play dominated the talk on sports radio. >> he just did something that was reckless, it should have been runners interference. the only man who made a mistake was the umpire. >> reporter: bruce says he
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doesn't think the giants will retaliate in any way for the slide. chalking it up to october november. >> i don't think anybody walked away saying, that guy needs one in the rib cage. >> reporter: this long time giant's fan agrees. >> i think it was late but probably legal. i didn't like it but that's hard baseball. >> game three is scheduled for tomorrow in st. louis. note the start time, first pitch the slated for 1:00 p.m. we will bring you that game live here on ktvu with ktvu news following immediately after the game. super bowl 50 could be held right here in the bay area at the 49ers new stadium that's being built in santa clara. today the nfl announced that san francisco and miami are the finalists competing to host the coveted super bowl. and whichever city doesn't win the bid will go up against houston to host super bowl li
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instead. super bowl l is still four years away in 2015. the location will be decided when the owners get together for their spring meeting next may. republican and presidential candidate mitt romney landed in new york for his debate tonight against president obama at hopstra university. today's debate will be a town hall style set up. here is president barack obama arriving at jfk international airport in new york. there he greeted supporters before driving to hopstra. the president is expected to be more aggressive at tonight's debate following what many called a poor performance during their first debate. >> a character now known as evil elmo has come into this san francisco park spewing hate. we have the story.
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he's being called evil elmo. it's a guy dressed up as elmo walking around cursing. it started in new york but it now appears he's made his way into the bay area. >> it seems pretty likely the so called evil elmo might be one in the same. evil elmo is a character spewing obscenities. sunday he hit the richmond district. >> kids are just lured in and tricked and the parents follow the children and then there's the onslaught of obscenities which i think is terrible. >> the thought that somebody could be using something so innocent and also having such kind of a devious idea to do that. i mean it's gross. >> there's no place for it any where but certainly not in a park with children. >> reporter: when do evil elmo's free speech rights begin to cross into other people's rights including the folks who
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own the right to tickle me elmo. >> this is something companies will tell you they need to deal with in some way or the other. >> reporter: intellectual property attorney, says evil elmo could be courting a lawsuit. - - >> when you use it to boot strap your own idea, that's when you can get into some trouble. >> reporter: some parents showed us this rental car that evil elmo has been sleeping in. we found an elmo posing for pictures for a buck, he denied being the elmo and he told us this. >> i think that people are harassing him because they don't like the trademarks. >> i don't know what the free speech rights are. i don't know what they can do. >> the guy is not in the right mind to be doing that. >> i think the guy is sick, i
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hope they catch him. >> reporter: both evil elmos were wearing the same straps on their chests. it's a forum to help people with their resumes and interviewing skills and to get them face to face with prospective employers. some say it's especially good for college grads. one of the recruiters say the very same job fair helped jump start her career. >> when i came here first i was a little bit nervous. i didn't know what to expect. i had targeted a couple of companies to talk to. but everyone here was very welcoming and i actually ended up getting a position from a company i wasn't even planning on speaking to. >> congresswoman spiers says the job fair went well and
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joblessness climbed this month. although the gain is only one point in the national association of home builders sentiment index it is the sixth straight monthly increase. on wall street today the stock market finished strong closing with its biggest game in a month. the dow added 128 points t nasdaq was up 37. and the s & p500 gained nearly 15. california's aggressive attempt to regulate greenhouse gas emissions faces a smoggy future. the ninth circuit court of appeals may be siding with the school district. california's rules go too far discriminating against midwestern fuel producers and violating the commerce clause. let's talk about our weather. almost starting to feel like summer again. >> really flipped around the
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last couple of days. temperatures increased the last few day and they're going to continue to increase. the winds will come up a little bit as well but not today. not too bad on the winds. wind on shore and keeping things kind of moist in the area. the fog along the coast kept things moist as well. take a peak here and you can see this was about a couple of hours ago you see the fog at the beach. let me move it forward in time and you will see i will just kick it forward here and you will see that the fog goes away. that's where we are right now. we have fog away, winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. it's windy out there. the current temperatures 85 in santa rosa, 87 in fairfield. tomorrow is going to be warmer than this. as we go into the next couple of days further warming so that sort of increases the fire danger. air quality is going to be okay but it's going to be in there. overnight lows tonight. they're going to be in the 40s and 50s. mid-50s. 53 in napa. you get outside of santa rosa
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by forestville, you will get you upper 40s. forecast highs tomorrow like i said are going to be warmer than they were today because of this high pressure center. it's building in which it does a lot this time of year. this is not unusual weather at all. actually kind of classic weather. they'll get funneling through the hills we're not expecting real strong gusty winds but when the air gets pushed down it warms. when air rises the air expands and it cools, expansion against cooling: when things compress and the air compresses down like it does here temperatures actually increase 5 degrees per thousand feet. so it actually warms up significantly. sea level locations like san francisco and oakland the next couple of days are going to be seeing temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. so areas in the peninsula maybe warmer in the inland valleys. i'll have the details back here at 5:45. we'll go to all the cities in the bay area.
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as many as over 50 of them. we will lay down the temperature for you in the five day view. today in yosemite, hundreds of car employees undergo testing for hanta virus. we'll tell you what scientists hope to find out hire about this potentially deadly disease. >> and we are monitoring a memorial service for chris stevens this is a live look inside that service at city hall. we will have more on what's taking place coming up in just 13 minutes. restores what we've lost... music and science labs. and your school. can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. me?
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starting today hundreds of workers in yosemite national park were tested for the potentially deadly hanta virus. david stevenson says they hope this will help them answer other questions about the disease as well -- robert handa says they hope this will help them answer other questions about the disease as well. >> reporter: they hope it will answer questions about the outbreak but also clear up mysteries of the disease itself. while yosemite national park still has spectacular views, right now not so many visitors. so the drop off provides a window to test employees for hanta virus. spread by exposure to droppings from rodents in this case deer mice. five confirmed cases including two deaths were traced to yosemite tents this summer.
5:25 pm
>> i think it has potentially a lot to do with how little we know about the disease. it's a fairly new disease to science. >> reporter: starting today hundredsover yosemite's workers are voluntarily undergoing blood tests to help the department of health to learn how many had been infected throughout the years without knowing them since symptoms are often mild. from a questionnaire try to find out how they were exposed to determine prevention methods. it is a rare opportunity to study a cluster of cases. >> this is also an unusual outbreak. the largest one that's happened to date and these employees live and work in the valley all season. >> reporter: officials point out the incubation period for the latest outbreak passed about a week ago with no new cases or deaths reported. that made some workers who volunteered today more at ease. >> we're not really testing for any current cases, so i think that it's mostly in the past nothing really to be alarmed about and it would just be a source of satisfying my curiosity more than anything.
5:26 pm
testing will wrap up tomorrow. the analysis will take several months. live in yosemite, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal appears court is considering whether marijuana should be reclassified. today a lawyer for medical marijuana backers asked a three judge panel to order the drug enforcement administration to reconsider its decision to keep marijuana a scheduled one narcotic. the lawyer argued the d.a. ignored research showing marijuana has legitimate limited uses. last year the da re re -- rejected the classification. >> we're in san mateo in a debate watching party. many hope to hear from the president tonight. we're also live at a gop party here in the bay area, what his supporters say is --
5:27 pm
what mitt romney supporters say will be his biggest challenge.
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[ male announcer ] try a 3 piece combo for just $5. today tastes so good. we are now only about 30 minutes away from the second presidential debate and once again a lot is riding on the outcome. most people believe that mitt romney won the first debate and we're going to talk about what he needs to do in a moment. first though to ktvu's ken pritchett with the democratic perspective and what they want to see from the president this evening. ken-- >> reporter: well frank we're at democratic headquarters here in san mateo county they expect more than 100 people to be here tonight to watch the debate and to have dinner right before the
5:30 pm
debate. and several people we talked to said they hope the president will dish it out this evening. demetria rogers will take a break from the phone campaigning to watch president obama in the debate. >> i watched the president kind of come back to life a little bit after a couple of weeks ago and really just talk more about some of the things that have been cede that maybe aren't exactly close to the truth. >> reporter: but that next shot to make an impression will not come again. and tonight's debate is a town hall forum. >> i don't think it necessarily lends itself to quote unquote attacking but i don't think that's necessarily what he needs to do any way. >> reporter: everybody here wants the president to
5:31 pm
highlight his accomplishments. they think this town hall format will serve him well. >> i think talking with the audience, i think he'll be more successful. >> reporter: this format could be very different. the campaigns will not know which questions from those audience members will be selected so we certainly could see some surprises. we'll see some reaction from folks down here at the democratic headquarters right after the debate. in belmont, ken pritchett. >> as we are just minutes away from the presidential debate. many republicans are hoping for a repeat of the first debate. cara lui is live where a watch party is just getting started. >> reporter: about 60 to 70 people expected to watch the
5:32 pm
debate here. volunteers and candidates brought signs for today's debate watching party. fliers and cardboard cut outs of the candidate were plentiful. >> i think the expectation gain might be the biggest challenge because romney did do well and obama seemed disinterested. we will see a more interested obama. >> as for questions over how well romney connects with the struggles of average americans. >> what he needs to do tonight to reenforce that is tell more real life stories of people he's met along the way. if he weaves his stories into those responses he'll be just fine with voters. >> reporter: he expects the biggest issues to be jobs and the economy. >> the winner of the presidency is a person that convinces them to have a plan going forward. >> reporter: the town hall style format does differ from the first debate.
5:33 pm
the state chair says he does not think that gives either side a clear advantage. of course we will be here at the contra costa the debate watch. >> you can watch tonight's debate live right here on k members of the armed forces are donating more money to president obama than governor romney. that is despite polls that show romney has more support from service members. the u.s. supreme court ruled today that everyone will be included in ohio's early voting. the state of ohio wanted to restrict early voting the weekend before the november 6th presidential election to only
5:34 pm
military members and their families. the obama campaign fought against that restriction saying it could unfairly affect low income and minority voters. more now on the memorial service that's underway for ambassador chris stevens the bay area man who was killed at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. he is being remembered for much more than his work as adiplomat. >> reporter: chris steven's parents told me they wanted today to be a celebration of his life not how he died. and that's what we've been hearing now inside san francisco's city hall rotunda for the past hour. the well known and powerful those who only admired him from afar and those who knew him the longest and best. about 1,000 people have crowded
5:35 pm
to san francisco's city hall to honor his memory. we heard from classmates at uc berkeley and uc hastings law school and from his brother who's a district u.s. attorney and his sister who's a doctor in seattle and a half sister who's in medical school and what they said brought laughter and tears. >> it's not important who your mother is only. i'm not just important who your father is but it's very important who your big brother is. and we had the very best. >> reporter: what would the world be like if only a fraction of its people had the mind set and acted in the way that he did? stay positive, be humble, do it right. and he definitely did it right. >> as our father said best, at 5:00 a.m. on september 12, he made it to the top, he tried his best. he was a great brother.
5:36 pm
and i couldn't agree more. >> reporter: siblings explaining why they loved their big brother long before most of us had ever heard of the ambassador john christopher stevens who was killed in libya at the age of 52. rita williams, ktvu news. let's go back inside now to city hall. here we see u.s. representative barbara lee she is speaking at the memorial for chris stevens as she just finished presenting the congressional record. next expect to hear from schultz. we also heard from the libyan ambassador to the united states as well as san francisco's mayor ed lee. david stevenson is also following that memorial service in san francisco and david joins us once again now live from outside of city hall. >> reporter: ambassador christopher steven's death has ignited a political fight over
5:37 pm
the safety of political interests. inside city hall there are hundreds who are setting that issue aside and sitting inside city hall to pay tribute to stevens. we're hearing george schultz speak inside the rotunda. his family sited his long term ties to the bay area. today we heard from national leaders and international leaders about stevenson's achievements. >> he's the man there is no limit for libyan people. he is the man who witnessed the people suffering and regime of gadhafi. he saw the brutality of gadhafi
5:38 pm
killing his people with all sorts of weapons. >> reporter: the reception is set for about 6:00. the ceremony is being paid for by stevens's family and private donations. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu. it sounds like something out of a movie. the bold heist in europe and the priceless paintings taken by thieves. is another chick-fil-a coming to the bay area? the city that will be debating that exact issue later tonight. >> in five minutes we have an update on that breaking news we brought you earlier in this newscast. oracle has just given us a statement on that capsized racing boat and what we learned about those who were on boards. -- those who were on board.
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police in the netherlands are investigating a heist of six art pieces. police say they believe the heist took place early this morning. the paintings were on display for the museum's 20th anniversary and were on loan from a private collector. the debate over chick-fil-a restaurants is moving to
5:42 pm
mountain view next hour. the city council will appeal to allow the company to build the restaurant. the atlanta based food chain is a source of controversy because of the owner's support of anti gay groups and his outspoken opposition to same-sex marriage and some mountain view residents are opposed to traffic, air pollution and noise that they say would come with the restaurant's drive through service. an east bay elected official convicted of embezzlement. so why are residents saying he's finally done the right thing. the fog has cleared from the coast but the winds are turning around and it's going to get pretty hot around here. i will let you know how hot it will get and when we'll see 90s in the bay area.
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we'll update you now on that breaking news story from the beginning of this newscast about that oracle racing boat that flipped over in the water right near the golden gate bridge. we have a new picture to show you and it comes from oracle. right there you see the boat flip. the america's cup organizers say it turtled. we will show you video as the crew started to return to shore. the oracle statement said quote, we did not know what was going to happen with the new
5:46 pm
boat. when the nose went down, the wind hit. some news from the city of clayton, the vice mayor there has resigned. why people say he did the right thing. >> reporter: when the city of clayton council meets tonight they will be one member short, medrano. his resignation comes days after he was accused of embezzling. in his personal business as an insurance broker. medrano has maintained his innocence and says he plans to appeal. he did not return our call but
5:47 pm
in his resignation letter he wrote. i expected this issue to be behind me. >> he can deal with it as a personal issue and keep it from being a city issue. >> reporter: residents of this small town of barely 11,000 people people say this turn of events has caught them for surprise. >> he volunteered for public service and was doing a good job i guess and then something like this comes along. we just can't, can't happen. but it did. >> every way it goes, that's something -- some kind of corruption or something going on. >> reporter: medran -- medrano faces a maximum of four years in prison. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. an oakland senator is offering his run down as what
5:48 pm
he considers the governor's most wasteful spending. among them a half million dollar video game that highlights the social need of prom week. and $1 million for nasa to develop food for a future mission to mars. >> it doesn't matter whether we have trillion dollar plus deficits which is $16 trillion national debt, this money shouldn't be spent regardless of how much is coming into washington. >> reporter: other examples include food stamps used for alcohol, starbucks and fast food. the preservation of a covered bridge that's not connected to a road and a campaign to promote caviar sale. no charges will be filed against the san jose police officer who shot and killed a san jose state university student last year. today the santa clara district attorney announce had the the
5:49 pm
shooting was justified. officer jeff harwell shot and killed ricardo moreno after moreno pointed a gun at another officer. throughout much of the bay area we're starting to feel those warmer temperatures, our chief meteorologist bill martin talked to us about yesterday and i guess there's more to come. >> more to come. temperatures heading upward as we head into our wednesday. noticeably warmer tomorrow as well. we're going to see 90s tomorrow. today we did see a 90 in santa rosa. it was 90 in santa rosa. 86 in fairfield. 83 in antioch. notice antioch 86 degrees one of the warm spots usually. look at napa, warmer. santa rosa warmer. the inland typically the inland spots are typically hotter. hotter temperatures in the month. this time of year it becomes warmer or hotter at the bay or the sea level locations. warmer tomorrow up into the 90s
5:50 pm
again. extended forecast for the weekend cooler. we are headed for a bit of a heat up. wednesday an thursday the weather heating up. they've issued a red flag warning from redding south of sacramento out into the fairfield vacaville area. so we'll be watching that for you. they're going to have strong winds up in the valley and it's going to get pretty warm. i think you should base on the wind forecast, just to the east of the bay area which means our fire danger is going to be increased as well. we could see one going up for us as we head into tomorrow. the computer model shows you nothing. everything is clearing out of the area. expect if you're in st. louis tomorrow the thunderstorms look like the real deal. i was looking at one of the latest models. looks like it's going to be wet out there on the field they can easily get showers during the game. that's something that bares watching. we're going to have the game at 1:00 tomorrow but we're talking about a chance of thunderstorms and rain. you know what one of those can
5:51 pm
do, you get a big cell over you you could drop .25-inch of rain and shut the game down. i am all over it. tonight at 10:00 and the new models will be in and we'll dial it in for you. along the coast it was foggy today but still mild. temperatures tomorrow are going to be a little warmer less fog. five day forecast, warm to hot. then we get to the weekend and it cools off it's still above average right through the weekend. >> again a week and a half ago we were in jackets and sprinkles. >> yeah little sprinkles. >> how quickly we forget. >> yeah, frank. now what's happened to a well known cyclists from here in the bay area. >> are you ready? what 9 million californians are expected to do to mark the anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake.
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now this is a party. mmm. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. try a 3 piece combo for just $5. the san francisco 49ers will create a state of the art system brook hayes communication systems may be contracted for the project. they will allow fans to use wireless internet in the stadium much like a coffee shop or wifi hot spot. 9 million californians will
5:55 pm
be participating in a statewide earthquake drill this thursday. the great california shake out will be held on the anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. they hope to have an early warning system up and running sometime soon. >> when there's a large earthquake at a distance from where you are, but the energy is coming toward you you can get a warning maybe a 20 second warning to shut down, to get your equipment out. you might be a hospital that might need to go into emergency. you might be doing an operation that will have to be suspended. professional cyclists levy sethheimer has confessed to doping. his contract was determine
5:56 pm
nateed in light of disclosure. he and armstrong were teammates for six years. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. stay tuned for our coverage of tonight's second presidential debate. >> we'll give you a live look right now inside the town hall meeting said to begin in a matter of moments at hopstra university in new york. we will bring it to you live right here on ktvu. ♪
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>> this is a fox news special presentation. >> good evening from hofstra university. i'm shepard smith. president obama and his challenger, mitt romney,e


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